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EL 7000 / ED 8000

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EL 7000 / ED 8000

EL 7000 / ED 8000

System description

The EL-7000 is specially designed to meet the requirements of most technical schools in terms of basic instrumentation and control training.

The closed loop system allows for control of the level and flow. It contains two tanks. The first is a horizontal tank that serves as a water reserve. The 2nd column is transparent which regulates the level. Level measurement is taken with a pressure transducer (0-30 inches of water). We use a control valve with a positioner to control. The 4-20 mA signal is converted with an I / P and a 3-15 psi signal is sent to the electropneumatic positioner.

For flow measurement, we use a paddlewheel flowmeter with integrated LCD display that indicates the speed from 0 to 10 l / min. A panel switch is used to select whether one wants to send the measurement signal of the flow or level control according to which it is desired to do so. The system is of professional quality. The structure is made of aluminum and stainless steel struts. The control panel is manufactured according to industry standards. We also provide wiring diagrams. We add junction boxes on each instrument. It is therefore possible to make connections with your students.

Upon receipt, the module is complete and ready to be used. You need instrument an air supply of about 60PsiG and 120Vac power to operate the module.

Complete instrumentation module:

  • ABB C100 regulator with input and output 4 to 20 mA;
  • 264 ABB pressure transmitter with a range of 0-30 inches of water.
  • Ball valve Jamesbury ½ inch stainless steel
  • Actuator with spring Jamesbury VPVL100
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Neles NP724
  • Inverter current pressure Fairchild TA6000
  • Control panel with switches and emergency stop
  • Pump Armstrong 0-10 liters / min
  • Turbine flowmeter Burket 8335 0-10 liters / min
  • Water column 30-inch polyethylene with a mounting assembly in PVC
  • Tank 30 gallon polyethylene
  • Aluminum frame profile
  • Piping and stainless steel fittings.
  • Wiring
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