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EL 5000

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EL 5000

EL 5000

System description
The EL-5000 is a mini-process for teaching electrodynamics, instrumentation, automation and control, designed to obtain similar characteristics to industrial processes.

The EL-5000 is designed to facilitate learning while stimulating interest, while remaining simple and inexpensive.

This system consists of a quality industrial blower, conduit as well as measuring and control devices: a flow meter, a pressure transmitter, a current measurement, a temperature measurement, a variable speed drive (drive) type vector two 4-20mA electrical components, engine and the necessary electrical equipment.

No need for water or compressed air.

The system allows to experiment:

Control loops

  • Flow pressure
  • Temperature
  • Current (torque)
  • Speed
  • Strategy


  • Feedforward
  • Override (priority)
  • Split range
  • Major-minor
  • Adaptive gain


  • Calculation
  • Mass balance
  • Mass flow
  • Characterization output
  • Fan curve
  • Motor curve
  • Torque


  • Start, stop
  • Interlock
  • Limitations and constraints
  • Alarms

An affordable system of industrial quality that will interest both teachers and students.


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