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Staying on top of tank gauging

July 22, 2019

HONEYWELL Enraf has ensured to stay on top of the tank gauging solutions by enhancing their Smart Servo technology to reach new heights!

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Some fresh air for ABB electromagnetic flowmeters !

July 12, 2019

ABB is excited to announce the release of their new magnetic flowmeters the ProcessMaster 600 series !

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Temperature measurement made easy!

April 16, 2019

The new ABB NiTemp non-invasive temperature sensor opens a whole new world for temperature measurement.

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A new ABB guided wave radar series !

April 9, 2019

Here you go, ABB officially released his new series of guided wave radar LWT300! Some lucky persons may have had information about this new line at Americana 2019, for the others here are the specs of the LWT300 series.

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The perfect synergy

March 8, 2019

In their latest video, Metso presents the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of their new DeviceCare configuration tools in synergy with their ND9000 series positioner.

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ABB offers intelligent control room design

October 10, 2018

Intelligent control room design (http://new.abb.com/control-rooms) can create a futuristic and functional means to improve 24/7 operations. ABB customer Michiel Tijsseling shares lessons learned by Dow Chemicals, that worked on a future-proof control room design to increase safety, improve quality, decrease downtime, and attract younger engineers.

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Introducing ABB's new Select I/O and xStream Engineering technologies

August 1, 2017

ABB's new Select I/O technology together with the innovative xStream Engineering tools (http://new.abb.com/control-systems/sy...) helps decouple automation project tasks, minimize the impact of late changes and supports standardization of hardware and cabinets helping projects come on time and under budget.

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WirelessHART offered by ABB

April 14, 2016

Wireless communication is quickly gaining relevance in process automation. ABB is at the forefront of this new technology.

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Kurz introduced a new thermal dispersion mass flow meter for wet gas

November 4, 2013

Kurz introduces their new wet gas Flow Meter for condensing gas environments for 2 phase.

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